Arriving in a new study batch in college/tuitions/workshop makes us come across several new faces and personalities. Who knows one of those “new faces” someday might become our best friend, best well-wisher, biggest competitor or maybe, our soul mate.

I am writing this blog to describe an “awkward moment”, which I personally feel caught in, on entering into a new study batch. That one “moment” is of a nature that makes a person behave like a fake in front of others, though unintentionally. Our mind keeps running (furiously) but still, we are not able to get out of that ‘tricky’ situation. It keeps us a bit disturbed for a while. So, what is that “moment”? Any guesses?

(The suspense ends now)

Handshaking a person you now (by face) but do not know his/her name, sharing info over subjects of vast magnitude with such person but still not reminding his/her name. Such instances make me doubt my memory power. Sometimes, a sense of shame feeling also drowns in me and this is more the case, when the other person knows you very well and hugs you warmly and most importantly, speaks out your name and in my turn, I can just say a three-little word “Hey” and then, I start feeling like being OUT for a duck in a cricket match. The case would have been separate had we not remembered that other person at all. But just not remembering the name, that’s nasty. William Shakespeare left the world saying that, “What’s in the name?” But perhaps, he would not have thought of the consequences which one will have to suffer on calling the other person by a wrong name.

The same personally happened to me when I joined Advanced IT Training batch at ICAI (part of CA curriculum). In one of such encounters, I met one of my old Sikh friend whom I first met during a tution some 2 years ago, who waived “Hi” to me from a far-off door. I immediately recognised that old friend but to my surprise, only by face. I kept clicking my brain, but the name of that friend did not published on the result-screen of my brain. Suddenly, a thought arised, “Whether I really ate badams all these years?” Then, I remembered Geet’s (Kareena Kapoor) dialogue from the movie “JAB WE MET” that “All the Sardars have a same face”. I somehow, overpowered that thought and started thinking his name again. I even shook two batch-mates sitting beside me to question whether they remember his name. And to my satisfaction, they didn’t. I was a bit relieved.

The next mission was to devise a trick to unravel the name of that “name-less known friend”.

The trick I choose was “going up front, asking him about life and afterwards saying ‘Yaar, I have lost your mobile number’. After getting the number, asking him/her about his/her ‘full name please’. That way, the other person ‘might’ think that you were just confirming his/her surname but meanwhile, you would be done with your mission. Once the task is over, assign a “synapse of your brain” for remembering that dear friend’s name.”

We, the people of a professional community, understand the importance of the “name”. (naam hai toh jaahan hai) So, keep socializing, establish your name and remember other’s too, especially mine. 🙂

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