Waking up today morning (Sunday) was a pleasure with no objectives as there was no rushing to take bath, cook food and go to my beloved workplace (PwC). For an instinct I thought today was not a special day, in terms of meeting new personalities and sharing their ideologies.

While drowsing with this thought in my head, suddenly television struck chord with movie “Kung Fu Panda” on Star Movies. In the scene I witnessed, our gullible Panda was handed the most prestigious and special “dragon scroll” but blank. After reading the ‘blank’ scroll, when Panda felt heartbroken, he was encouraged by his father-Swan saying, “There is no thing like SPECIAL. You are as much special to others  as you think you are”. The confidence-boost Panda got from this magnificent advice is what we all know.

In this 6 billion strong world, one needs to be “special” to hold on to his/her position. But what I feel is it is even more important to “think” and “remember” that we are special. In today’s times, we try to match ourselves to strengths of others, instead of focusing on our own strengths that makes our own-self special.

The reality remains that if one lets go off his/her speciality, he/she will not survive in this tumultuous world. Just cling onto your capabilities while trying to improve it for better. Believing in ourselves is not called egotism but having no faith in ourselves is called abandoning yourself.

For this, the first thing we can do is to re-think of our relationship with those who, under the garb of “guidance” lowers our confidence and self-belief and to join those “ones” who accept us as we are and then guide us to help reach our full potential. After this, there is nothing special that we all cannot do. 🙂

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