We, the millennials, have managed to carve out a distinguished generation for ourselves, which some and most of them call “The Internet Generation”.


are the INTERNET Generation!!

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The creation of this internet generation can be accredited with three inventions:- smartphones, loneliness and most importantly, the Internet. I am sure, everyone else of me would also accredit Reliance Jio for making it happen. Hahaha… And he, who does not know about the internet yet, would most probably be the softest target to criticize upon. Why I mentioned these three inventions, will be explained in what can be called a “Bottoms Up..”

We are a generation that has taught our parents that there are things which can be concentrated upon the whole day i.e. the phone screen, there are things which can be looked upon to spread smile across our face without the other person even moving his/her lips i.e. the phone screen and that there also exists some interfaces which can make two people fall and escape into a long-distance relationship i.e. the phone screen. Our parents literally did not knew any of them.

The big reason for this is, in their generation, parents used to spend their valuable time with their child so loving and they themselves, being so caring. But in today’s advanced world, you see, there is absolute dearth of it with the grandparent’s soberness and aaya’s babysitting techniques replacing that vulnerable love and care. That soberness and harsh techniques has indeed created a void so huge in our hearts that we continuously need that





of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram , Whatsapp accounts, just to console ourselves with the words,

“We are not alone, there are others who are alone too. They too are starving for attention, likes, comments and shares.”

Here comes the “Internet” to the rescue, to save us from a boring day. Along with Internet, comes its siblings – the NETWORK and the Apps. With the elder brother “Internet”, we find the most apt. app for posting, sharing, tweeting, dating and that all, just for the sake of re-inventing ourselves but actually, just to “un-invent”.

The whole process of so called “re-invention” is so amazing, cheerful and heart-warming that we actually don’t realize beauty of the moments that we miss and when the whole process of re-invention abruptly comes to an end & the society shows us the “mirror of reality” without any special effects (your new phone screen), there comes a heartbreak.

That heartbreak comes with an addiction, the addiction to continuously tap the unlock button of our expensive phones to see,

“Whether we have any unread notifications to see, which might have come from our “loved” ones.”

Soon, the whole internet thing acts like a perfume, which as per our belief, attract others towards our charming and loving personality, but in reality, if used in excess, distances us from the person standing right in front of us.


are the INTERNET Generation!!



  1. Awesome Rohit!!
    Got to read such a great blog after a very long time.
    Keep Awakening! πŸ˜‰
    Rise n Shine!!! πŸ‘βœŒοΈ


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